…me time..


Sometimes, I wake up on Saturday mornings, before anyone else, or find some time to just go away, so that I can experience that “alone” feeling. I like to be alone for awhile with my thoughts, the ability to just think freely without reason. No one around to ask me questions or inquire on what I’m feeling, because to be honest sometimes there is so much going on that I don’t know exactly whats going on up there. No one requesting, answers, or asking questions, just me and my thoughts and I can do whatever I want with them. I can let them lie dormant, or write them down to share, but whatever I choose there is no deadline, or need for them. They can be as lazy as I will allow them to be. And I need that sometimes, I need that “loneliness” so that I can dig deep into my thoughts form an unorganized mass of them, and just breathe and smile for seemingly no reason at all. Nothing at all wrong with being alone. Just you, your thoughts, and your God.

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