Natural Hair Ain’t For Everybody



Natural hair ain’t for everybody!!!

I hear and see this statement thrown around often and at first I used to get offended like “What does she know? She relaxes her hair so much she wouldn’t know texture if it popped her in the face” or “He is just an idiot” (because…men). But now, now that I’m going through this transitioning stage which is a love hate, but mostly hate, relationship I can now say that the above statement is true. Natural hair ISN’T for everyone. It ISN’T for the faint of heart. It takes so much time to deep condition, wash, co-wash, detangle, air dry, style, and then PRAY that the curls bend just perfectly. When in the past you’re used to washing it and wrapping it, waking up in the morning with those edges laid and that hair blowing in the wind. Its just NOT that easy. Once a week I say to myself “Keisha, you looked great with straight hair! You LOVE to wear your hair straight! Why are you doing this?” And at this point in my journey (almost 6 mths) I don’t even know why I’m doing this lol. It started off as a self love, self realization, self everything, journey *snaps fingers, dims lights, and lights incense* but it has now become a simple fact of me coming too far to turn back now and the point of me just not wanting to get a relaxer anymore. That’s it. Maybe there will be a deeper meaning some time next month but right now that’s what it is.

For years I have been a true believer of finding what works for you and abusing the heck out of it. I found my niche, and now….I’m changing it. Its uncomfortable, and strange, its a new path and I have no idea which way the road will turn from day to day. Exciting right? Wrong. I am so used to looking a certain way that this is only fun every once and a blue moon. *Heavy Sigh* we’ll see where this leads.


Photo Credit: Ariel

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