Crow Pose


I have been doing Yoga for just a little while, not enough to call myself a master, shoot, after this fail I don’t even know if I deserve the Yogie title. Maybe I’ll just call myself a “Yo” until I can do this. Let me start over, I have been struggling through 30 Days of Yoga with my friends over at Its on YouTube and I’ll be sure to post a link of the video below.

The way that my mind is set up. I really stay on certain things until I can actually complete them, either that or I give up on the entire concept (I’m working on that…defeat no longer resides here). Like, I can’t move on to the next day of Yoga until I can properly do this pose. I must admit after only two days of trying the Crow Pose I put my Yoga mat away and decided to think on it for awhile lol. After getting some tips from a friend and encouragement from my husband I have decided to conquer this bird once and for all, if its the last thing I do.


DO PUSH UPS: This will help me maintain some upper body strength so that I won’t be a weeble wobble each time I attempt.

PLANK: This will strengthen my core, tuck it IN!!!

ROCK: This actually works, instead of me going straight into the pose, I rock back and forth in it (tried it here at work) and I’m a little more comfortable because to me it lowers my chances of my face meeting the floor.

So. With ALL of my new knowledge I plan to go home and conquer the beast, I might even give you guys a picture of it on IG, we shall see. Until next time boos!

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