LeCrae ~ Anomaly

It’s Jesus you should follow, not LeCrae



I have recently become enamored with this young man, I’d heard about him years ago, but really wasn’t at a point in my life where I’d give him the time of day. A few months ago a friend of mine sent me a link to one of his songs and immediately I was hooked, I had to hear the entire album and I loved it. LeCrae has done songs with some of my favorite artists including Big KRIT & Bun B. He doesn’t go by “Christian Rapper” he is simply a rapper who is Christian and I love the entire concept.

Sometimes I struggle personally with my Christian walk vs the what the world will think if I fall down, the quote above says it all as does the interview attached below (sent to me by my thoughtful husband :-)). I am not perfect, I will never be perfect, I am not using this as an excuse to do what I want, however I am aware that this walk is not about being perfect but my purpose is to let people know that we all go through the same things, one Christian is not more righteous than the other, we re not here to put one another down or scrutinize another Christians actions, or how Christian someone is based on experiences, we are here to help each other along this walk, to encourage, and uplift.

Anyway enough about that. Check out LeCrae’s newest (and 7th) album Anomaly.  You won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t and I’m not really one to subscribe to Christian Rap. But as stated above He is a Christian who raps, and I am here for it.


Sidenote: If you live in the Kansas City area LeCrae will be here on October 25th at the Independence Event Center.

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