Where Have I Been?

*Staying close to God.

*Focusing on my career and the path I am taking.


*Being a wife and mommy


*More napping.

Sorry guys sometimes actually sitting down to type things on a computer that I want to be sure my readers can relate to is difficult. The question is do I care if you guys can relate? There is no way that someone is out there who feels the exact same ways that I do sometimes and my lack of care if you guys understand me, somehow, in my mind, matches your lack of care when it comes to the things I blog about. Was that confusing?

I want to sit down and write about whatever comes to mind. Sometimes I don’t have the next hottest trend or DIY tip. To be honest keeping up with that stuff is pretty difficult unless you have a real tenacity for it and I do not.

So. If you can rock with my randomness and posts that basically lead nowhere for you, then welcome lol. Of course sometimes I WILL have a trend to talk about or a DIY that I’ve tried and loved (Christmas is coming) but sometimes I won’t. I’ve also been playing with the idea of writing a book, I’m sort of in my own made up writers work shop where I write whenever I feel moved and I’m an emotional being so that’s maybe look out for that.

Be Blessed.

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