Amazon, Julep, Off Broadway Shoes

This past week I have been on an online shopping frenzy. This is so unlike me due to my indecisive nature, and I MUST tell you how difficult it was to make a decision on some of these things but it was easier than going to the store and standing in front of an item for 5 minutes, leaving the store, then coming back to stare some more at the item.

That is shopping with me…sucks right? Don’t judge! My husband already thinks I’m nuts for it and to be honest I’m starting to believe him. So the online experience was honestly a breath of fresh air.

Okay enough of all that! Here is what I purchased!

Amazon: Ball Mason Jars 10.25



DIY Time…Christmas is coming and someone is about to get lucky…once the project is complete I will elaborate more on a later post.

Julep: Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat


I had 2750 points to redeem over at Julep and I got this puppy for free (1400 points). I’ll do a review on it explaining what it does and how it works as well as IF it works on a later post.

Off Broadway Shoes: 55.25


I needed some boots super badly, so my husband and I cut a deal. These babies were originally 69.99, I had a 20% off coupon and got free shipping so I feel really accomplished. I adore the red zipper but I’m still very nervous because I didn’t actually get to try them on and see them on my feet :(….and stare for 5 minutes lol 


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