Wait…you LIKE your in-laws?


I truly hope EVERYONE had an awesome Thanksgiving. I certainly did. Is it weird that I LOVE my in-laws? I usually see movies where everyone hates their spouses family. So I guess that is what I expected from whoever my husband was going to be, but when I tell you that the Canady’s are some of the nicest people you want to meet, you MUST believe me.

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Springfield with Brian’s (my husband) sister and her husband, as well as Brian’s mom, and his cousin. We played together, ate together, shopped together, watched movies together, caught hot rolls together, it was actually pretty great. Brian and I have been married for…*counts on fingers* 9 months as of yesterday. There was never a doubt in my mind how nice his family was but for some reason this particular year with our new found titles (mother in law, sister in law, brother in law, husband, wife) I just felt REALLY…I don’t know LOVED.

My sister in law (hehe) taught me how to crochet, well the part that I could pick up on. We laughed about their shared child hood memories. We lost together in an intense game of SmashBrothers (Go KIRBY!)

My mother in law (hehe) is just the bee’s knees. She is so pleasant and thoughtful and I’m not just saying that because it’s a public blog, I mean she REALLY is. For example: While out shopping I mentioned I needed to get some mason jars (I’m having a bit of Mason Jar Madness) and the store didn’t have any…the next day she presents me with mason jars she picked up for me. But it isn’t just about gifts or whatever, she just has a calm spirit and she’s a genuine person.

Montee (Brians cousin) is just a warm person in general the jokes are endless and he is really educated and humble (at the same time). I enjoy talking about my career plans with him, he always seems willing to listen and/or offer up advice. I can also count on him to record every moment of everything…can we say “memories”?

Karnell (may have spelled that wrong)…so full of awesome St. Louis recipes. One in particular, “Fried Spaghetti”. Yes, just like it sounds. He reminds me a lot of a couple of my best friends who have family in St. Louis, awesome people who LOVE to eat! (I was going to use the word Jolly…because its Christmas time but decided against it)

Tucker…the Dog…gets honorary mention…because I like dogs and he’s a hyper little pooch!

So overall I am thankful for family, both my family and Brian’s, thankful to God how peaceful He is making my marriage and I am just depending on Him to keep blessing us both through the people we love.

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