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DIY Jewelry Cleaner



Bands will make her dance.

Saturday while doing some last minute shopping my husband & son ran off for a bathroom break. I leave Old Navy to find them in a jewelry store. Of course I put on my *rushed-wife-we’re-late-for-this-birthday-party-song-&-dance* only to be told to wait in the car. When that wasn’t enough to get me a way he told me he was trying to surprise me. To that I replied “oh” and my daughter and I headed to the car. Mt husband gets in the car and hands me a box with my wedding bands. Needless to say I’m excited but when I put them on with my wedding ring it dulls at the comparison, so I had to jump into action.


Things you’ll need

1. Baking Soda 1 tbsp

2. Salt 1 tbsp

3. Water 1 Cup

4. Dish Detergent 1 tbsp

(and a brush if its handy)



1. Place water in microwave for about 2 minutes, it will be hot when you remove it so be careful.

2. Add salt, baking soda, & dish detergent (in no particular order) it will start to fizz.

3. Add your ring and/or jewelry let sit for about 10 minutes.

4. Remove jewelry, clean with brush (if handy) rinse in cold water and voila!



Have a good Monday folks!


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