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Ugly Sweaters & This Hair



These curls ain’t loyal…no they ain’t

*vent begin*

This is true. Let me give you guys a little background. I am about 9 months post relaxer (Dec.29th 2014) and I have been dealing with two textures the ENTIRE time. No braids, no long term protective styling, no sew ins, no quick weaves, no crochets, nothing. Just me and my hands and my hair. It isn’t easy at all, trust me.

Last night I had a breakdown. All week I was excited to try flexi rods. I installed the top part on my own and my curlfriend/baby sister did the back. I had an Ugly Sweater Party to go to, even bought me some matte red lip stick (which I pulled off well btw) but my hair…Lord. I go to taking my flexi rods out and the right side is looking gorgeous, I’m talking Diana Ross Mahogany, “girl YAAASSS” gorgeous. The left side, however, was a disaster…much like the movie “Soul Plane”. I WAS PISSED and I didn’t know rather to laugh or cry so I ended up doing this sort of whimper while my husband (bless his heart) waited patiently for me to finish going through my nervous break down.

What happened? I didn’t let the left side dry, hahaha I’m insane. I did the top part of my hair at like 9 am. Had my sis finish up what I couldn’t at like 4 pm. And before you look at me crazy I DID sit under the dryer, a little bit, it wasn’t sufficient.  I tried to save the style, even tried wearing the left side pinned up but I couldn’t figure it out 😦  Blah. So I ended up with my signature (by force) two strand twists to the nape of my neck style. I can say that I’ve come along way in this because I would have normally skipped the party and sat my tail right at home, I’m maturing. The party was awesome and I’m glad I didn’t let one snafu stop me from having fun with friends. So there’s your silver lining, or whatever.

*vent over*

photocred: ibeeks83

One thought on “Ugly Sweaters & This Hair

  1. Awwww!!!! Lesson learned! Do your hair at the same time… glad your night ended up great. Women and our hair….*capooey*


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