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Resolutions The Series: 1. Clutter


With the new year approaching expeditiously you are sure to see resolutions, promises, vows etc. that people make to themselves only to disregard by March. I know this because I am one of those people, only I don’t limit these brilliant ideas to New Years Eve. I do those things almost once a week. I become insanely obsessed with something (you name it) only to get rid of it a week or so later. Its almost embarrassing to think of all the 30 day challenges that I’ve started and not completed. (With the exception of alex elle’s journal challenge, and even that was completed with the help of a friend) So you can imagine how cluttered and full of half thoughts my brain is, it is time for a little mental hygiene. At the same time, I look at my surroundings and I need to purge my actual PHYSICAL life as well. Things that I’m holding on to that I’ll never truly do anything with. Things that are just taking up space. It makes me feel stuffy, and I can’t live this way.

For example: My husband and I have been living together since the day we got married. I STILL have clothes in boxes that I’ll probably never wear because in the past 9 months I haven’t thought about putting anything in those boxes on. I know that my problem is letting go…a girl always feels like she doesn’t have enough clothes (I don’t) so I really can’t afford to throw anything away, but in all honesty I can. I’m terrified that I’ll go through those boxes/bins and feel like I need to keep everything in there. *heavy sigh* but this is something that I MUST do. I have a drawer full of t-shirts! Big & small, TEE SHIRTS. Why do I need that many tee shirts? I also need some closet organization….omg this is opening up a can of worms (lol).

I truly think that clearing my space will also help with clearing my mind. Dare I say that I’m going to start tonight? Welp here we go, as the name suggests “Keish Can”.

*cues up Erykah Badu…and red wine*

Ciao Babies & Happy Holidays.


2 thoughts on “Resolutions The Series: 1. Clutter

  1. Love this, and I totally understand. “Mental Hygiene…YES!”

    I wrote down my 2015 goals a few weeks ago. Took a look at my 2014 goals and was a tiny bit proud of myself for the progress I made this year. So with another year under my belt, another series of lessons and experiences to reference…I think I can make more efficient moves for the enhancement of Mal in 2015.

    Working on the whole clean house new year theory this coming week…we’ll see how it goes.

    Now back to ny OITNB binge…lol!!


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    1. I can never stick to mine, I have so many throughout the year that I just look at January as another month lol. That’s why this is a series. Thanks for commenting love!!!!!


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