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Resolutions The Series: Part 2. Have a Conversation

I fear the day that technology surpasses our human interactions, the world will be full of idiots. ~Albert Einstein

Tumblr. Pinterest. Twitter. Facebook. Snapchat. Instagram.

All things I love (except for Snapchat, not a fan of it, not sure why I haven’t deleted the app) but do I love these things more than actual human interaction? The act of calling to see how someone is doing rather than just checking their Facebook timeline. Or going to see my best friend’s (from high school) new baby rather than stalking her instagram. I mean, the list is endless.

I’m a constant offender. My phone is always in my hands doing SOMETHING. As soon as I roll over from my slumber I look at my phone, not for the weather, but to check emails and other things that can wait. I feel hugely connected to my phone because that’s where all my “people” live. I can’t say they’re my friends…just people, the places they go, the things they do, all in my phone and how could I live life without knowing those things about those people? Simple answer…live. Existing in an array of photos, and likes, and honesty hours, and outfits of the day, and kicks of the day, and man crush Monday, and Woman Crush Wednesday, etc etc etc…is NO WAY to live. I’m aware of that, now what am I going to do?

Well since I’ve tried and failed before I’m going to take baby steps this time. Maybe dedicate a couple of days a week to just disconnect from all of that and find peace in an actual conversation. Not a text conversation but an actual voice to voice one. Instead of rolling over from my sleep to check emails, I’ll opt for reading the bible, or get myself mentally prepared for my day, sounds simple enough. Besides, I’m no idiot.

Update on Part 1: I got rid of TONS of clothes guys, I wish I had taken pictures of the progress I made. I also organized our “junk closet”, there were hair supplies, medicine for the kids, finger nail polishes everything in there. I organized them in these cute little baskets I bought from Walmart. It LOOKS so much better and I can actually FIND things. I’m so proud.



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