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Hi guys I hope everyone had an awesome three day weekend! The weather in Kansas City was to die for, and with the cold I’m fighting right now I think I need to lie down on the altar. I meant to blog on Monday (Dr. Martin Luther King Day of service) but I was extremely busy and didn’t get the chance, so you’ll excuse the lateness. Among all of my busyness I did find some time to check out Selma, and I am so happy I did.

This is an important film for everyone to see, but especially our youth. A lot of the times when a person doesn’t know the struggle it took to get where we are, that same person finds it hard to appreciate how far we’ve come. I mean, how can they? They have no idea of history (aside from what is being taught) or where we came from or what it has taken to get here. Selma only gives you a glimpse of that, however, the message is strong and the images are real. I greatly appreciate movies like this because even for me it is a constant reminder of our history. It’s easy to live in the now and appreciate our “luxuries” but there is still a struggle out there and its pretty evident every time we turn on the news. Selma is empowering and I think it is just what we needed. In the age of social media our reach is both at its strongest AND weakest, simultaneously. I say that because people can take to twitter to raise awareness, voice opinions, organize activist groups, but we can also take to twitter to just yell, scream, curse, and complain without being held to any real standards. I’ve not done any official research to say which is happening more, so I’ll let you guys be the judge on that. I’m simply making an observation on what I encounter when I get online.

I truly believe it starts at knowing where we come from as a people. Knowing that we’re here for a purpose more than what they’ve shown us on BET (no shade, no tea). A major question is, do we even care to know? Hmph

Check out Selma in theaters if you guys have the chance, take your children, and their friends, and your friends!!!

Later babies!

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