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What A Game….#SB49 (Dagratest816)

If you have one minute and 4 seconds, you should take a look at the clip above this reading.  Now that you may or may not have went back and watched that video if you hadn’t already. If you listen to Chris Collinsworth you hear him say what he and probably every other football lover or non lover even, of the game says and thats “I dont know why Marshawn Lynch…A.K.A. Beast Mode, A.K.A. ‘Hold My Dick’ A.K.A. Eat all the skittles! 1 yard from a super bowl win you should probably be running the ball in that situation,” but the Seahawks did not. They threw a pick and loss the game.  With all that said, that is not what I am hear to talk to you guys about.

My wife asked me to write something for her blog about my take on the game. By no stretch of the imagination am I a Patriots fan, ask any friend of mine they will tell you, I like players, not teams. One guy I like is Brady, so my take on the game is simply this. We saw the greatest Quarterback of our GENERATION overcome his faults (2 interceptions) to guide his team to victory. Just a lesson on football, before all that play in the video above can even happen, Tom Brady has to Score not once but twice to give his team a 28-24 lead to even cause all the ruckus it is about that 1 yard final play for the Seahawks season that cost them the super bowl. Give Tom Brady all the credit he deserves. 4 Super Bowl Wins (tied with 2 other QB’s for most SB Wins). 6, I repeat 6 appearances (most appearances by any QB ever in history, not to mention, two crazy outcomes in what amounted to two losses to the giants, wont go there) but for my money there is no other Quarterback I would want to lead my team through hell and back and come out victorious than the great Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. THE GREATEST QUARTERBACK OF OUR GENERATION.


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Much Love to my awesome wife for allowing me to take over her blog for a day even to just talk about sports 🙂

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