What Would the World Look Like Without Black People?



Huey P. Newton

Hi guys!

As I was trolling Tumblr, I came across this video that poses the above question to a few random people on the street. I think this is a question that needs to attention. Our people (my people) are looked upon as a burden so much by others that we start to embody that, we aren’t really held to any higher standards by society. Is that an excuse to fall into being what they portray us to be? Not at all, but it is one of the many reasons we accept what is shown to us.

Can I just tell you I love being an African American? I know that we go through a lot, we’re stereotyped, we’re killed off the island as if this is some kind of game show for America. But we are a beautiful bunch of people, others can disagree or try to deny or try to say “well white people are beautiful too”. I am not here to debate any of those claims, but right now its OUR turn. Black women are over sexualized because our curves look different in a pencil skirt than someone else who may not be quite as curvy.  Black men are demonized because…for some reason…the darker the skin the bigger the threat. Don’t get me confused, I’m not saying that the African American race are the only ones who get stereotyped…not at all, but I’d be crazy to ignore the fact that death seems to be our punishment for these stereotypes.

So…what would the world be like without black people? As the young man said in the video below if people loved black people the way they loved black culture the world would be a different place.

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