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Sia ~ Chandelier (Grammys)


I was planning to post this morning but mommy duty called with a sick daughter at home so I have been “Super Mom” for the past few hours. On to business…

I watched the Grammy’s last night and of course there were some high’s, lows, and in between’s but I don’t really want to focus on how gorgeous Taylor Swifts dress was, or how mediocre Beyonce’s performance was or the fact that Sam Smith took home FOUR Grammy’s. Nope, we’ll save that post for another time (never). What stood out most for me was Sia’s performance of “Chandelier” it was so creative, it completely kept my attention, my eyes were GLUED to the screen. I don’t know much about this artist, sadly, but last night made me want to learn more. I’m not sure if it was confusion or just trying to gain an understanding of the lyrics, but I loved the feeling it gave me.

I have what some people call “artsy fartsy” roots. I love things that give me “the feels”, and this performance did exactly that. If you missed the Grammy’s and can’t find your way through all of what twitter and Facebook had to say about the topics already discussed a million times over, take a break from that and check out the performance below, prefaced with a poem from Sia’s husband, read by Shia Lebeouf.

For Sia: I feel like this may be strange to say this here. I love you so. Punch me if I stop crying. I raised a white flag for you, defeated finally. If strength were made of broken pieces, you and I would always win. It is, though, and building and statues wink at us. I could squeeze you to zero. I’ll never know another. What am I going to do? Punch me if I stop crying, and I’ll do the same.

Love, Erik.

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