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Album Review: Sada K ~ Long Story Short



Good morning Kings, Queens, Princesses, & Princes! Sometimes what we watch on television, listen to on the radio and what we let others speak into our lives has more of an affect on us than we realize. During those moments, we get down on ourselves or our view of the world becomes warped. I know that some things are a lot deeper than music, but if you need to smile and inhale a breath of fresh air I’d like to introduce you to Sada K.

This woman is such a powerful artist and I’m so glad that I came across such a treasure. Not to mention she’s from Kansas City (ROYAL!) so that makes it even better. She has a beautiful soul and it comes out through her music. Sada K’s new album, Long Story Short, has come into my rotation at least once a day, especially in the morning.

For more information on this artist check out her website Below I’ve attached one of my favorite songs from the album, perfect track to get me going whenever I need a pick me up!!!

Press Play! Be Blessed.

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