there is no name


I’m writing a book! After years of trying to become good at things that don’t come naturally for me, I have finally settled on doing what I love. What just flows effortlessly from me.. I’ve set a deadline and I’ve researched ways to get published, there is even a cool program that I plan to buy once I get further along my journey. As the title of this post states “there is no name” I have no name for what I’m writing, I just know that it’s beautiful to me. Self love, self discovery, selflessness, just tons of “self affirmations” which I’m discovering and sharing with anyone who is willing to take the time out and read what I have to say.

This has just begun yet it is a truly humbling experience, and it is also bringing me out of my shell. As a creative I am really judgmental of the things I release into the world. I don’t like opening up to strangers for fear of what they will say about me or how they will react in general, yet this is a journey I know I have to go on, I have to take the risk.

I look forward to everything that may come of this, but I am focusing on the positive. I appreciate any support that I receive. Remember to do what brings you the most peace, no matter what others say. God bless you guys!

(Sorry for the wait…)

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