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 You will never know what’s in store for you if all you are willing to do is wonder about it without taking any steps towards it. Let go of fear and do whatever it is you feel in your spirit.


When I cut my hair there were no tears, no regrets, just happiness. When I saw its fluffy texture I smiled even more. I am just ready to embrace all that is me. I don’t have time to worry over what others will think, its been 12 months, that’s 52 weeks, which is 365 days (in case you were wondering) dealing with two textures. One made of magic and the other holding on for dear life. I spent the last twelve months deprogramming myself from what other people’s standards of beauty are, and learning to accept me for me. So last night was amazing for me. I felt great. Happy to start this healthy hair journey with 0 regrets about it. I have a couple pictures of it flat ironed down below. I went to the Salon to get it done (hence the reason why I got it flat ironed). Check them out.

20150326_210107 20150326_2101413061

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