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Being Content



Hi guys and dolls!

Okay I am coming to you on this misty Monday night to admit that I have been struggling with something for as long as I can remember, which is probably the cause of why I have jumped from project to project for a lot of my life.


there is no other way to put it, and this is/was my problem, until I learned that I need to be content in the things that I have, the talents that God has blessed me with and the Faith that He will bless me with whatever I am supposed to have when He sees fit!

I am also learning to pray not for things that I want, material things, but to overall pray to be a better person and bless someone else with the little that I have, be it advice, a ride somewhere, whatever it is that I can give at the time. I look around and I have healthy, smart, adorable children, a caring husband and a wonderful career that I can grow majorly in. So who am I to be counting someone else’s blessings?

Take it from someone who has done it before it is such an unhappy life to lead. It is extremely important to take some time and just appreciate your surroundings, its great for mental hygiene and your self esteem which are a couple of things that are on my “important stuff” list. Discovering who you are and what you’ve been blessed with is such an awesome and peaceful journey.

Join me!!!!

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