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Revamp My Life!


Hi lovebugs! I’m back!

Today I spent most of my day NOT on Facebook (insert applauding hands emoji here). That’s right most of my day was spent inside of my head or reading this new book I picked up “The Girl On the Train”, you guys my summer of reading has been delicious….but I digress…

Well while I was inside my head all these ideas came to me, ideas on how to be a better mom, wife, and person in general. Ideas about how to capitalize on my time and in turn my life. First let me tell you about me, I am an idea machine…a broken idea machine. Ideas come to me at the speed of light and whats broken is the part where I can distinguish between a great idea and a complete and utter waste of time. But guess who found a fix for it…me! The good ideas are the ones that not only benefit me (that’s nice too) but life in general! I’m indecisive, and I procrastinate, both things that I hate, both things that appear to be lazy, and I promise you my brain goes a mile a minute and I’m not lazy AT ALL. I want my home life to reflect my professional life and vice versa. See below are a few things I’m going to start to revamp my life:

  1. Blog more and be consistent, actually post content that my readers can relate to. Build my blog to be aesthetically pleasing and fun to visit. (Do not be alarmed if you come one day and the layout looks TOTALLY different than the last. This will require major under construction caution)
  2. Organize, organize, organize. I am list maker…MAKER, not to be confused with list follower, I need to follow the lists I make and stick with the plans that I so eloquently think out but never act out.
  3. Make a decision, be okay with that decision and live with that decision. If something isn’t a definite yes, then its a no. Period.
  4. Get into myself, make time for me. Now, I have plenty of time for myself, but do I spend it making me happy or sitting like a drone staring down at my phone? Exactly. I want to do my own manicures, eat healthier, learn to put on make-up that looks great (no cake face allowed). All of these things are obtainable while being a mom! Trust me, some of you are out there doing it now (Nikita G.).
  5. Allow myself to be inspired by beautiful people and beautiful things. Go out and experience the world and in turn the people in it.

So, that is how I’m revamping my life, and after proofreading this, I had to laugh because this is SOOO something you’d post when the New Year is right around the corner, but nope. The time is now…change is inevitable and it is never too late to start forming life changing habits. How are some of you when it comes to making the most out of your life?

One thought on “Revamp My Life!

  1. Did I get a shout out?! Hey now! Thank you girl! I need to follow you in the be a better Mom, Wife, person stuff! I want to write more, be a better listener, READ again (more than FB articles lol) start a women’s bible study and put my freaking phone down more too! Haha! Hopefully sooner than later. Hopefully. ❤️


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