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Mid Week Motivation: Stay the Course


In case you were wondering, faith isn’t fun. Not when everyone around you seems to be excelling greatly and you seem to be stuck at one. Not when you don’t know where from, or when your next paycheck is coming. Not when you fill your head with what you think you should be doing versus what you’re doing now.

We love to get online or go out in public and pretend that everything is exactly how its supposed to be all the time. When the truth is, it just isn’t that way, life is not built that way, and we do not grow that way. Sometimes we have to stretch our faith, we have to know that good is coming even if we can’t see it in the distance. We have to put our best foot forward even when it seems that the odds are stacked against us. I don’t know about any of you guys, but I’m destined for greatness and I remind myself of this whenever I get down on myself (and trust me it happens).

I remind myself to stay the course. Someone else’s journey is not mine. Someone else’s blessings are not for me. I have my own blessings with my name written on them, I find joy in that. I don’t let the world get me down for too long, or let the world convince me of what I should be doing in my life. True happiness for me is that light feeling I get when I’m walking down the street and I see a jovial baby in a stroller, the feeling when a particular song comes to mind and I can’t help but smile, or when I am with my loved ones and we’re all holding hands for no reason at all. That’s what happiness is to me, not the amount of money I make, or the clothes I wear, or if someone notices how cute I look today (I look cute everyday, basically lol). Those little things help me get through the hard times, knowing that God has blessed all of us in different ways is proof enough that He loves all of us and He sees all of us. You are not overlooked, He knows how many hairs are on your head. You are precious in his sight.

Things won’t always be easy, that was never promised to us. No one promised that we wouldn’t have nights when we cried ourselves to sleep, no one told us life would be fair. But if you grab onto that true happiness and stop letting the world pass you by while your face is in a phone, wishing you had a car like his or a body like hers, you will be much more patient with your course, You won’t stray off and reach for someone else’s blessings which will only delay your destiny, you will fight through the hard times and dance through the good times and you will come out VICTORIOUS!

Love you all,


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