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My Employer Hates My Natural Hair


Okay, not really. However, this is something that a lot of women go through. Especially the new naturals. I have moved into another office (same career) and it was asked to me by someone at my old office if I would change my hair and go for more of a “conservative” look. I thought about this question for a millisecond and said “No.”

Here is the thing, my hair grows from my scalp this way. Literally. There is no reason for me to hide that. I really enjoy my natural hair. True there have been some ups and downs, some nights when I LONGED for my straight hair but for the most part I really love my hair and all that it can do.I have learned that not everyone will like it, that is life though. No one is going to like EVERYTHING about you and that is perfectly fine as long as you’re fine with you.

Besides, when the subject did come up with the doctor that I currently work with she said….

I like your hair like that, let him pay for a blow out if he wants it that way

I thought that was pretty cool of her. So to anyone out there who may be stressing over the way your hair grows, or how your eyes are too far apart, or how you have a big head, or how you’re too skinny….(I could go on, all these things and more have been said about me) that is who you are, who God intended you to be, how you were supposed to be made. No mistakes were made on you. My hair may not be on the conservative side, its wild and free and an awesome extension of me. I’ll straighten it when I want to or not at all. Deal with it.

Happy Sunday Boo’s!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

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