We Bought A House!!! (and some random thoughts came with it)


We bought a house and it looks nothing like the above pictured right now, but it is well on its way. In fact here is the non airbrushed version of it below:

2015-10-07 (1)

Leaves a lot to be imagined I know but its coming along well. I never knew getting a house built would be so exciting. The process is an interesting one, building something that my husband and I will both enjoy, picking out how we would like it to look, what plugs go where, light fixtures, all of that. What this process has taught me is how well my King and I mesh together. If you know us personally you know that we are complete opposite, but in this situation we are able to come together and choose things that will work well for the both of us. I am honestly surprised at how easy this is right now.

God is really doing His thing in our lives, not that he hasn’t ALWAYS shown out but right now I feel like I’m in a place where I can actually receive what he has for me. In the past He’s blessed me and blessed me and blessed me but because I was chasing the wrong things His blessings came with the drama of my worldly wants so they were short lived and I left Him chasing after me instead of the other way around. I’m happy I finally opened my eyes.

Random Thoughts:

*I am going to start posting strictly on Sundays.

*I love the inspiration around me.

*I want to produce another radio show, but this time have a totally different  scope.

*I am teaching my children how to love themselves and how they are enough, and in turn I am building myself up as well.

*My hair is growing

*Healed people heal people 🙂

~Peace always~

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