Success is Built on Failure


Do not be afraid to fail…

Words I repeat to myself constantly. No one wants to fail at anything, no one wants to build up this immaculate plan only to have it crumble right before their eyes. We need to remember that failure is apart of success. I am a dreamer, a creative, a head in the clouds, kind of person. Those kind of people either excel greatly or they let the world scare them into a corner, there are times in my life when I have been the ladder, and I’m unashamed to admit this, especially now since things are changing and I am becoming accustom to looking fear in the face.

I just made a huge career move about a month ago and I still have to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming or did I really leave my secure job of three years because I held my value at a higher rate than they were willing tom acknowledge? I was scared to even interview for this position, not because I was unqualified but because I had gotten so comfortable with where I was. Who did I think I was to want better for myself, more money and more opportunity? All dumb questions, but when it comes down to it isn’t that what we’re doing each day when we’re doubting ourselves? Aren’t we basically saying that we don’t deserve more than what fear has paralyzed us into accepting?

Being afraid is something that comes naturally, but how long you allow it to  stay is up to you. This blog is more for me than anyone else. There are things that I am GOING to do regardless of how unsure I am about them. Join me.

2 thoughts on “Success is Built on Failure

  1. Thanks for this post girl! I made a huge career change as well 1 month ago.. funny I felt the same way you did. I have to pinch myself also because of how easily it all came about AND how well I am doing with the change of things. But God has got us, and all of our creative, head in the cloud idea selves! LOL


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