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I’m Raising A Princess


I was going to blog about a number of things. Tons of topics were going through my mind and I was unable to settle on one…

  • Friends
  • Selfless Love
  • Is “Keisha” a ghetto name?

All of those didn’t really evoke extremely happy feelings from me, no need to get into why so I won’t. While I was trying to figure out the first line of this entry my daughter called me in her room to read her a bedtime story (something we do every night). As I was reading and looking into those big brown eyes, I realized all those other things that may have bothered me this week, or made me furrow my brow for more than 60 seconds, aren’t really worth mentioning today. Today and for the rest of my life God has tasked me with raising a princess who completely looks to me for guidance. There is really no time in her life for me to muddy my own with what the world is or is not doing that I don’t agree with.

I have to teach her to love herself no matter what the world says. That is not easy. So many outside influences, and I have to guard her from anything that will throw her off the course of loving herself as well as others.

I have to teach her that she is enough, people will tell her she isn’t, people will judge her unfairly but even still she is worthy of respect and love.

I want to shield her from everything, I want to fight all of her battles and catch her each time she falls but I know that I can’t and that saddens me. The best thing that I can do for her is teach her the value of what God has made. Teach her to ALWAYS bet on herself.

She trusts me with her life, and even when she grows up and stops depending on me heavily, I will still be responsible for the life she decides to lead.

“Train a child up in the way that he should go and he will not depart”

Little girls are so precious, so fragile, so special, they’re gifts. All things that I’ll never forget while raising a princess.

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