How To: Maintaining Lifelong Friendships


Photo Taken: September 2010

Hi, my name is Keisha, and I have had the same set of steady friends for 10 plus years. How do I do it? Glad you asked.

  1. Honesty: What good is a friend if they won’t be brutally honest with you? And there is someone in this foursome that has that part covered. Every group of friends needs that someone that will hold them accountable for the things the others may be doing. This friend takes the brunt of the abuse because no one wants to hear her mouth, but she is relentless in making sure that the right choices are being made…most of the time.
  2. Communication: We don’t hold grudges, at least we TRY not to. I have learned that if I have an issue with something one of these ladies says or does, my best bet is to either let it go (like seriously, let it go and never think about it again) or let it out, which means call or text and let them know how I feel about something, more often than not I’m being the sensitive Pisces that I am known to be, and I’ve taken something way left field where it was never intended to go.
  3. Growing Up without Growing Apart: This is a hard one, and if I’m being honest this is what we are facing now. We are all different people than we used to be, all with different professions and all with complete families. It gets hard to make time to talk on the phone for hours about nothing when you’ve got to put your kids to bed. Its hard to schedule things together when we all have 3 or more other people to consider. I am finding that we have to MAKE time for each other, more than just the kids birthday parties but actual time with just us adults. I’m proud of us though..we had an outing to go and see “The Perfect Guy” and we stood outside the theater laughing and talking for 30 minutes after the show was over.

I am a STRONG believer in God putting people in your life as he sees fit. I also believe that He takes them away in the same fashion, and if God has put these girls in my life for this long (10+ years) then they probably aren’t going anywhere for quite some time. They are my gifts and I appreciate them to the fullest. You need girl friends! Treat them right, don’t let men, money, or foolishness come in between the bond that you have. Nurture the relationships you have before trying to make new ones.

Have a good week folks! See you next Sunday

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