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Church Clothes 3

Got some money and a soul, ain’t neither one of em saved….

Lecrea is back with Church Clothes 3. !!!SURPRISE!! I know right…

I have been listening to this album for the past four days and I can honestly say I’m impressed. This past year I have really been trying to only allow good things into my life, into my soul, into my atmosphere. I truly believe the secret to aging slowly is to drink lots of water and vibrate higher. Higher than the drama that everyday life promises, and the negativity that we’re subjected to each day. This album was right on time for that. With feel good tracks like “Cruisin” and honest tracks like “Gangland”. This mixtape gives you a dose of reality, people seem to think that Christians aren’t affected by what is happening in the world these days and I promise you we are.

Take some time to check out this album, it is absolutely worth your time and you may discover that you can enjoy honest rap without all of the glitz and glam. Below I have attached a “short film” of the album which features “It Is What it Is”, “Gangland”, “Deja Vu”, and “Misconception”

Dream. Love. Inspire.




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