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Representation Matters

“I wanted people to feel proud and have love for themselves.”


This is what Beyonce said when asked about her performance during her Super Bowl 50 halftime show. And I must say it had me feeling just that. Remember when we were kids (80’s babies) and Christmas time would come and all the advertisements would show little white baby dolls for the first 55 seconds of the commercial, and then near the end, almost as an afterthought there would be a black doll in the background kind of like “yea we have them in this color too btw”. That really confused me as a child, and lets not forget Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell with her long flowing hair and those jean jackets (the jean jackets have nothing to do with this post I just loved them during that time-frame). Seeing these images, while being a kinky haired little dark skinned girl had me wondering what was wrong with me? After years of my straight hair and relaxer woes I finally embraced that little girl almost a year ago, it wasn’t easy though. I’m not one of those naturals who cut off all of her hair and was immediately liberated. I wore my short fro and even fronted like I was fine with it, but it took me awhile to fully get comfortable with the zig zag, loop de loop way that it was growing. And even to this day I still have what the heck moments with it.

What Beyonce did for little black girls, for black people in general was pretty powerful. Shes an iconic image singing about being fair to black people, essentially. She’s singing about empowering us because lets face it 2015 was one full of tears. She did what she did so that people could be proud, something we don’t see in the media that often. We see it now more than we did in the 80’s but its still lacking greatly. In the video, there is a wall spray painted that reads: Stop Shooting Us. A simple request, it seems, but with the uproar you’d think it was an unfathomable one. Things that make you go hmmm…

So here’s to the little dark skinned girl named Lakeisha. We will storm the 50yd line during the most watched sports event of the year. We will rock our afros, and we will put our right fists in the air and YOU WILL DEAL America…YOU WILL DEAL because our ancestors built you up, and frankly we’re tired of anything less than respect.

Representation Matters.

Dream. Love. Inspire.


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