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Some people wait for the new year, but I reflect and plan, in March. March is the month that my husband and I vowed til death do us part, and it is also the month in which I was born. March is my “reset and review” month.

Its been two years since I’ve been married and two years (on the 8th) since I stepped into my thirties. Within those two years I’ve purchased a house, changed jobs for the better, started then stopped, then started again, paying more attention to my health, become a nicer human being, and learned to differentiate good people from good friends (trust me there is a difference). So what’s next?

Would you believe I have so many other plans beyond all that has already been done? I am going to go back to college and push out this bachelors degree. I am going to become a Dental Assistant mentor, I plan to become better with time and money management, I want my blog to be able to hold its own (sorry wordpress), I am going to pay more attention to politics and less attention to Love and Hip Hop (just kidding I don’t faithfully watch that show but if I’m clicking through and Cardi B is on the screen chances are I’m going to stop), and finally I am going to be a better friend, I’m a pretty good one now but there is always room for improvement.

Today my husband asked me “what makes you feel successful?” Awesome question and it caused me to think, and this is what I came up with…

Setting goals and obliterating them makes me feel successful. To really put my mind to something, plan it out, and see it to the end gives me a great feeling. Small or large, doesn’t matter. The way that my mind is set up I can never stay on one thing for too long, so being able to buckle down and see plans through truly makes me feel successful.

So there it is, simply put. All of the above mentioned goals are very reachable, especially once I put a timeline to them. I have found that putting things into the atmosphere helps with getting them done, maybe its straight from my blog to God’s ears, I don’t know but I am grateful for the tools I’ve been presented with to achieve the goals that I have set. Until next time…



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