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Summer Friends

Summer has officially ended and what better way to close it out than with a rapper who is quickly rising to the top of my favorites list with ease. I was looking for Chance the Rapper tickets everywhere, and though I knew I wanted to see him, some of the prices that I was coming across were a little more than what I wanted to pay. Well, Monday I got home and Brian told me that he’d found some tickets and that we were going to see him on Wednesday, I was elated! Forget the fact that I’d have to be at work Thursday at 6:30am, and that I’d be standing during most of the show, I didn’t care about any of that, I knew that I needed to see Chance The Rapper.

Wednesday comes, we get to the venue, and the concert is a blessing. Equipped with puppets, confetti, graphics, and high energy from Chance, but what moved me most is his transparency with the audience. He seemed humble when he spoke to us, yet sure of himself, of what he was doing, of his purpose in that auditorium. During that show I danced, yelled lyrics, and nearly cried when he was reminding us of where our blessings come from. This summer has been a tragic one, brutal deaths of unarmed black people, riots, anger, disappointment, sadness and overall pain. A pain that gets ignored by most which only fuels the underlying hatred that is America, so watching that kid (he’s 23) stand in the middle of the stage and ask the entire crowd if they know where their blessings come from was touching, a needed reminder for me that my faith is not in man in any way, shape, or form.

This summer was a heavy one, honestly this year, but I am so proud of our resilience through it all, I am so proud of those of us who speak out against injustice, those of us who realize that this is indeed an issue that needs to be resolved. So as summer has ended I would like to leave you with a prayer, the same prayer you can hear at the end of “Summer Friends” and the same prayer that Chance recites over the crowd near the end of the show…

May the Lord give your journey mercy

May you be successful, grant you favor

And bring you back safely, I love you



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