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Yoga Sundayz

I will be the first to admit that I am not a seasoned yogi. I simply dibble and dabble in it from time to time, my balance is not where it should be nor is my strength, yet somehow I find a way to beat myself blue if I can’t master a pose I view as “simple” right away.  I have decided to join an online community which does daily poses every day of the month to build towards an end result, this one being a back-bend like the one pictured below:


This morning I woke up and decided to do the next pose in the series which is upward facing dog, once my husband snapped the picture I was extremely disappointed. My back wasn’t straight enough, there was too much space between my legs and the floor, I looked at other people online in this position and thought to myself I’ll never get the hang of this. Nonetheless I decided I would try again after my guided practice today with an instructor, I thought maybe my muscles just needed loosening.

I get to the class where I know no one ( I kind of don’t mind this, new people excite me) and the instructor says something near the end that really stood out to me. While we were all lying on our mats, eyes closed she said “Yoga is not about perfection, it is about practice”. Those simple words, said while I was lying on the floor letting my mind wander, fit for everything that I was feeling at the moment, everything I’ve felt in the past and even my reservations about the future. It embarrasses me to say that there are pieces of me that are very into instant gratification. These pieces of me leave an endless trail of unfinished projects, good ideas that collect dust on shelves, half finished books, and half finished thoughts, lying all around my life (I am a hoarder of unfinished business…if you will). Simply because it got hard, or I did not see the results I wanted in the time that I wanted.

Subconsciously I know that nothing comes easy, I know that things take hard work. Being successful takes hard work and I’m no stranger to that when it comes to my career, but when it comes to my passion, the thing that is SUPPOSED to drive me, I seem to want everything to just work out, and that’s not realistic. I learned today, that even if I do all the work, and still look up and realize that its not going as fast as I think it should, thats okay…because that work is still good for the foundation of my dreams, it does not reset at the beginning of each month, the work is there waiting for me to continue it, to build on it. I was also reminded that I cannot compare my journey to another person’s journey, in any aspect of life, this is my own path and looking at someone else’s comparing it to my own is unfair to me.

If you guys want to join the online community look up #Yoga4Growth on Instagram. Its pretty cool, let me know if you decide to join so that we can cheer each other on!!!


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