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Business Vs. Busyness: Can You Tell the Difference?

I like to think that I’m a pretty busy person, running a household, being a mom and wife, holding down a full time job, while dabbing in finishing my first book, not to mention maintaining a half way decent exterior through it all. Yep I’m pretty busy. But today I was reading my devotional and it made me wonder if I’m really doing things that benefit God’s purpose for me on this earth or do I have my hands in too many pots to truly be effective in any one thing? Am I being fruitful?

Being independent in this fast paced society is important, but sometimes we lose sight of  important things. We like to get out of our bed and command our day without first consulting with the higher power responsible for waking us. Without much spiritual guidance how much business could we possibly be taking care of? I’m working on taking things one day at a time, and letting tomorrow worry about itself, even though that isn’t the easiest thing to do these days I’m sure that with God’s help I’ll be fine.

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