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Truth Is…

Truth is I was going to edit the featured photo on this post because my socks are dirty, and of course they are only that filthy because I was walking outside on my deck without shoes like the true hippy that I am. As I was considering trying to edit the dirt out I asked myself “why?”. This is an honest picture of what happens when you walk outside without shoes on, who am I trying to impress? Why do we constantly try to edit the “dirt out” of our lives? I’m not saying to embrace it, no, by all means get you some tide and clean it up, but hiding behind these personas we build can be pointless.

I feel like we all have our own sphere of influence, I’m not sure how far mine reaches but what I am sure of is that I’m at least an influence for my family and a couple of friends. I want to be an honest person, I’m not a perfect mom, wife or friend and to try and fake that is exhausting. The internet is no one’s friend, I mean, it has its good points but it also has a bad side as well. We see others lives through a rose colored lens provided by that person, and then we start to wish we had their blessings. Not quite knowing what that person went through to get that “perfect life” that is so easily portrayed on the internet.

Everyone wants these blessings, but they don’t want these struggles.

Be happy with where you are. Yes my socks are dirty in this picture but that does not take away from the beauty of the photo. Don’t let small things stop you from seeing the greatness. Don’t worry about someone else’s highly edited life when you have your own blessed life to marvel over.

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