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Notes on Love

Part I 

This past week was Valentines Day and though my husband and I didn’t go all out, the undertone of the day was still love. Brian and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary on March 1st. Sometimes that’s hard for me to believe, I’ve been married for 3 years. I was never the type to romanticize about marriage. It was cool if it happened and I thought I’d be okay if it didn’t. I just never really put that much thought into it, probably because no one around me was married or rushing to get married at the time. Now that I’ve been married for a little while I can honestly say marriage isn’t hard, or easy, its just worth it. To have a lifetime hand to hold, dance partner, motivational speaker, body pillow, and spades partner is worth all of the stress that years of failed dates with the wrong men bring. My husband isn’t perfect and neither am I, but our intentions are good and we both put 100% into being the best of everything for each other and our children.

Just yesterday I stood in my living room, looked around my house and thought “wow, what a blessing, thanks God” not thanking Him so much for the house itself (although it is pretty nice) but thanking Him more for the love that fills my home. The glass breakfast table that I can never get my sons hand prints off of for more than a day, the granite counter tops that are areas of early morning wreckage due to last minute lunch preparations, the living room that contains my daughters mermaid blanket that she NEVER takes to her room, and finally my SUPPOSED sanctuary that is the 4th bedroom that is somehow filled with my husbands…shall we say, projects?

I could be single, own a condo with concrete floors and a pug named Bane. I could go out whenever I please without ever worrying about anyone besides myself. I could have solitude during the times that I need it most. While all of that is someone’s journey it isn’t my own, just like my journey is not someone else’s. In no way am I knocking the single, kid free, care free, lifestyle (in fact just typing that scene made me experience a very small slither of envy), I just love where I am right now, on this very day.

Part II

If God has you alone in this moment, enjoy it, don’t spend your days wishing you had a significant other. Get out into the world, live, be happy, and do the things that you love. Most importantly, all the love that you’re dying to give someone else just give it to yourself…and a pug named Bane if that’s what makes you happy.
Love is abundant and constant as long as you tap into the love that you have within, the love that is constantly flowing around you via family, friends, or a smile from a stranger. You just have to choose to see it, don’t dismiss it because it is not in the form that you imagined it to be, that’s unfair.

As always…

Dream. Love. Inspire.



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