The World Needs More “Nasty Women”

Happy Women’s History Month!

Hey ladies! Why is it that men can go do what’s wrong? Why is it that? We just decide to keep holding on? Okay sorry I literally cannot say the phrase “hey ladies” without being flashed back to the Destiny’s Child “Writings on the Wall” album. *clears throat* Don’t you just love being a woman? We’re gentle, beautiful, smart, kind, caring, fiery, fun creatures but its rare that anyone gives us the option to explore our not so fun side. You know the side that shows when you’re walking down the street and some strange man demands that you smile, or when you’re referred to as a “female” in a degrading tone.

So often we’re told that we’re being bitchy or just outright called a bitch anytime we go against what some say the norm is. If we ask too many questions, make too many demands, don’t respond to random cat calls, don’t smile big enough while walking down the street, work too hard, love too little etc etc. we are referred to as a bitch or a term that I’ve come to enjoy “nasty woman”.

This month and every month thereafter I challenge you to be ALL of you, not just the side that people want to see but the other side that we all try so hard to pretend isn’t there. I’m not saying go out and be a horrible person but I do want you to go out and say no when you don’t want to do something. Yell when you need to be heard. Work as late as you need to. Smile when the mood hits. And cry when you’re sad. The world loves to pigeon hole people, you can’t be this if you’re that but what the world doesn’t know is that a woman can be anything she damn well pleases. It really doesn’t take the world to validate your womanhood only you can do that.

So celebrate yourself sis! Be a little more kind & understanding to other women and what they’re growing through. And be a little more kind to yourself. We deserve it.

As always…

Dream. Love. Inspire.



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