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Rainy Day Remedy

i-m-priscilla-228220.jpgThis past weekend has been full of rain and restoration for the Canady Household. We were able to gather some old clothes (at least 3 years) that the kids haven’t touched at all and I even managed to make some money off of a few, the rest I plan to donate. I was able to organize at least two closets (I have an issue with focusing) and I gathered all my hair products vowing to use what I have before buying more. Brian also set up the desk in my office and I think this is the most exciting part of my weekend aside from the awesome rain. I was able to clean out clutter and get set up for Spring/Summer ’17.

Self care comes in all shapes and sizes, for me it has recently been ridding myself of the old. Whether that comes in the form of clothing, hair products or feelings. Holding on to things that no longer represent who I am only stunts further growth. I can’t hang on to clothes I’ll never wear again, uncomfortable shoes, or feelings that mean me no good. This is a time to restore who I always have been so that God can use me. There is no way to see clearly through muddy, crooked, broken, Fendi shades. I mean, yes they’re Fendi, but they’re broken. You guys get my analogy? (lol I hope so because I’ve been told I suck at them).

I feel great now that some clutter has been removed and my mind and home have been restored. I feel new. I hold no resentment towards anyone + I was able to make room in my closets for new finds! It’s a win win! I hope you guys have a great week and that your weekend was productive! Talk to you soon.

4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Remedy

  1. I’m about to move out of my college dorm and this minimalist itch just hit me! Can’t wait to get rid of stuff that doesn’t hold enough meaning to bring with me into my new season! Great read girl 💛


  2. It is very cleansing to spring clean and get rid of clutter. It helps you think clearer and be more productive and content in your own space. I am in the process of doing the same.


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