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Mom Life

samantha-sophia-88072Momming ain’t easy but it’s completely worth it. Sometimes I feel like I’m being pulled in 12 different directions, maintaining a home, a marriage, a family and a career. Some days it seems impossible to equally divide my time between the four most important areas in my life. If I’m being completely honest sometimes I just want to crawl into bed and sleep, do laundry when I want, come and go as I please, make immature decisions that only affect me. But as soon as I start to feel that way I remember those bright eyes, silly laughs, and sloppy kisses that I’m so often blessed with and I realize that my “only me” days have been long gone and I am now someone who many people depend on to live…heavy right?

I have this power of motherhood that some people so often scoff at but to be honest it has brought the best out of me, I never knew my heart could stretch this wide or that I could be as selfless as I am until I become a mom and a wife. It still amazes me, to this day, that I can set out on a shopping trip and not pick up one item of clothing for myself, and if I do I always have my kids on the forefront of my mind like “Riley needs more shoes, your jeans can wait.” Or “BJ is growing like a weed, put that purse down and grab him some jeans”. I know to some that may seem like torture but I promise it isn’t. Being a mom has taught me how to put someone else’s needs before my wants. It’s taught me the meaning of being responsible. Me cultivating a happy life for my family in turn makes my life happy. Of course there’s always time for a mini get away, a nail salon visit, a Saturday morning that starts with me opening my eyes in the afternoon or a 3 hour phone conversation with my girlfriends. There’s always time for a self care session and when I get them I enjoy them that much more because it’s well deserved. In the meantime I enjoy my children’s dance recitals & soccer games and my husbands golf addiction. I never worry about “losing myself” when it comes to my family because these people are apart of me, they go out into the world and represent me daily, and I can’t think of any group of people better for the role.

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