June *Blog Related* Goals

Good evening folks!

Its 11:29pm June 1, 2017 and I am just sitting down to pound out this months goals. I haven’t done one of these in awhile simply because it is not something that I tend to follow. I always fall off for some reason, maybe my goals are too extravagant. I’ve decided to take a different approach and in May it worked.

Set smaller goals that get you to your bigger goals


So we all know accomplishing things takes steps, its a journey. I can’t wake up one morning and shoot perfect 3’s without putting some time in daily on the court. Game 1 of Warriors vs Cavs just ended (we won) so I apologize for the basketball analogy.  Things take steps. Check out June’s plans below:

Main goal: Get more traffic on the blog(s).

Small goal: Post frequently. Come up with a schedule that works realistically for my life and post on those days. Twice a week is ideal.

Main goal: Be more organized!

Small goal: To Do Lists. I’m busier than I think I am and I just started to realize that in May. To Do lists are my best friends, and I’ve grown accustom to making them via an app called “Wunderlist” its just a simple app, no bells or whistles but I like it and it works for me.

Main Goal: Quality Writing

Small Goal: Get inspired. Sometimes when I force myself to write it comes out like blah blah blah, and no one wants to read babble. This does not mean back off from posting on a more frequent basis, that means let the world inspire, look for art in things. Find something that makes you eager to share.

Hopefully this helps my fellow bloggers, and even those of you who don’t blog can learn from this way of goal setting. Sometimes our goals seem so out of reach, and I find that it isn’t because they’re too big…no way, its because we’re not respecting the journey that it takes to get there. Small steps get you to your big one + being intentional about the things that you want.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “June *Blog Related* Goals

  1. Maitrayee Ghosh says:

    True, I have a problem with not posting often on my blog. It’s primarily because I write long fictions and find very hard to post so quickly. But setting a goal is really helpful. Thanks!


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