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Podcasts I LOVE!

Nowadays its rare for me to listen to the actual radio, I don’t know why, maybe its the millennial in me, maybe I hate commercials, maybe my hunger for “Talk radio” has surpassed my need for actual music. Not to mention I really don’t like the songs that the radio plays, of course I have a few jams but for the most part the radio plays one song at least 12 times a day and I just can’t deal with that.

I love listening to podcasts curled up on my couch, while cleaning my home, or on my commute to work. I just love the information they give. I listen to a pretty good range of them and I wanted to share my favorites with my readers. Check them out below.

Hey Girl by Alex Elle 

170x170bb (6)

This is such a needed podcast for my life. Alex is an author that works in the self love field. She is so enlightened and precious and on this show she interviews different women with different experiences and..y’all…this podcast has literally brought me to tears, its left me feeling light, its honestly a breath of fresh air for me.

Brown Ambition

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Money, money, money, money. This podcast is run by the Budgetnista Tiffany and Yahoo finance reporter Mandi. These women make me laugh and they teach me how to save + earn + get out of debt. Everything that I need in order to reach my 2 year no debt goal (pray for me). If you want to stay on top of your finances I suggest checking these ladies out. Very helpful resources here.

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

170x170bb (4)

Aileen Xu is my friend in my head. This podcast is super inspirational and has an interview format, so I get to listen to all of these dreamers and the things they’ve done to get to their dreams. Lavendaire lifestyle gets me motivated to write, blog, build my non profit, you name it. Its a constant reminder that nothing is out of reach once you put forth the effort.

My Strength and My Shield

170x170bb (3)

Modern spirituality. That is the best way I can describe this podcast. Ms. Nissi is a 28 year old Christian woman that deals with modern, everyday issues in a more spiritual way. She also has a self care segment that I absolutely adore. There is a lot of effort put into this podcast as Nissi has an entire website with worksheets and everything. Worth a listen.

Joel Osteen Podcast

170x170bb (2)

On my grouchy days all I have to do is click this podcast and my day brightens up. These are 30 minute sermons delivered by Pastor Joel Osteen, these are uplifting and eye opening and I don’t know how my Mondays would go without this podcast.

The Friend Zone

170x170bb (1)

Dustin, Fran, and Assante. Ninja Training. Freestyle Raps. Hot Button. Wellness Segment. Who in the Hell wants a musty brain? If at any given moment you catch me at a redl ight laughing so hard I’m crying, its probably because of The Friend Zone! I LOVE this show, I can’t get enough. They start the show off cracking me up, but it isn’t all laughs, Fran dives deep and gets your mental hygiene on point. There is really so much I can say about this show, I’ll be here forever trying to explain how awesome it is.

Gettin Grown


My NEW favorite podcast. Jade and Keia feel like my cousins! This show focuses on leveling up in a hilarious manner. They also have a Self Care segment, Kitchen Table talk, Petty Peeves, and Honesty Box. All of which at any given moment will have you wondering if they know your life. Definitely in constant rotation on my phone.

These are all of the podcasts that get me through the work week (and sometimes weekend) seamlessly. They keep me laughing, thinking, learning, and improving, hopefully you can find one that you love. Are there any podcasts that I didn’t mention that you guys can’t live without? Please share in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Podcasts I LOVE!

  1. oh i never really listen to pod casts but have heard so good reviews lately, i have bookmarked this list and will work my way through!


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