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Too Busy To Write?

Its been awhile…

As a creative person I have so many places that my mind takes me, sometimes I feel pretty engulfed in my own thoughts with no sight or plan on getting out. I imagine things like becoming a successful writer, to maintaining a successful non profit organization, and finally to just being successful in general. I know myself well, and I know that in one instance I could go from being completely head over heels in love with an idea, to being completely annoyed by it, not putting any work into it for weeks, sometimes months. This is exactly what happened with

I had to really sit down and ask myself “What does success look like to you, and how much does it matter?” My answer: Success looks like me sharing my life experiences with the world and finding at least one person that can relate. That’s it. I am not a professional blogger, there are no ads on this site (that I’ve been made aware of), and I am not going to commit to a 3x per week posting schedule.

I want my connection to the people I meet as well as the people that read this  journal, to be, not forced. I want to build a bond of some sort with the people who visit my site often. So this is not an entry that declares how busy I have been or how much I have missed you guys, because to be quite honest, what I write here is for me, and if someone digs it then that’s cool too, I welcome it.

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