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For Them & No One Else

Dear Brian, 

I am not your biological mom, we both know that but you have been in my life since you were 9 months and I feel like your mom. You are one of the brightest little people I know and your laughter brings me so much joy. I know that your calm spirit and my adventurous one probably don’t mix well all the time, but the only reason I encourage you to do things like  jump off of the kitchen island without any help (he’s seated, don’t call CPS on me) is because I want you to experience the thrill of being a child. Rolling down grassy hills, the adrenaline rush you get when you’re going full speed down a hill on your bike, do those things and feel safe doing them because no matter what happens I’ll be here to kiss any scrapes, scars, or boo boo’s, you get. I’ll be here to wipe away those tears and hold you until the pain goes away. All of us will, your mom, your dad, and me. Remember this throughout life, never be afraid to take a leap of faith, never be afraid to fail or get your feelings hurt because some things are worth the risk. I guess that’s what I want you to take from me most…live life to it’s fullest BJ. Laugh loud, study hard, break barriers, prove any doubters wrong, and never give up.


Mama Keisha 🙂

Dear Riley,

You are enough. I thought I’d lead with that because you’ll need to hold on to that fact for the rest of your life. You are the best thing that happened between your father and I, honestly the best thing either of us has created together. You have always been my easy child, I don’t know why but God blessed me with a smart mouthed, kind-hearted, sassy, loving, genius, little child and that’s crazy to me. I know I get onto you about things that you probably consider “no big deal” but here’s the secret as to why: I don’t want you to be like me, I want you to be better than me. I see some of my traits in you…the absentmindedness, the messiness (don’t judge), and the fact that if things get too hard you’re out, and I just don’t want those things to transfer into your actual adult life. That is why I harp on you about certain things. Yes, I want you to commit to and stay in acrobatics, no you can’t give up band just because you don’t want to learn to read music, and no life is not going to always be fair and fun, it just isn’t. WE want you to have everything we didn’t as children, I want you to dream as big and try as many things as possible. I want you to fall in love with the woman you will become one day, she may be made of a few mistakes, a few detours but she is fully worthy of love. Don’t let anyone take your love for self from you, and this world will do it if you allow them to.


Mama 🙂

And finally to both of you. Always look out for each other, never put another person above your brother/sister. Stand up for one another. Confide in each other. My little sister is my best friend. We don’t talk often but I need her in my life. I pray that you guys have that bond or even a stronger bond if at all possible. Encourage, be honest with, and love each other unconditionally. Respect your elders, not just your parents, there is SO much knowledge in old people, seriously. Ask questions when you’re confused, ask questions even when you’re not confused. Don’t let anyone, or any situation stifle you. You are worthy of any position you hold in life because your great-grandparents, grand-parents, and parents all pray for you to get to that point. I don’t know when you guys will read this but I felt like it needed to be documented. I love you both so much and had no idea that the human heart could stretch to such a capacity. I hope I make you guys proud as your mom and give you a stellar example of what love looks like. 

With ALL the love in the world!

Lakeisha Michelle Canady

One thing I can say about my little family is that we are not little at all. We are made up of different puzzle pieces, 2 dads, 3 moms,3 households, a strict schedule, and a whole lot of group messaging. A lot of work goes into these children as well as into each other. Communication is something we’re all getting better at and I think I speak for us all when I say the kids make it easier. We have all been placed together in this weird sort of tribe and without any drama (God is to thank for that). We play our roles and we play them well. It just isn’t about us anymore.

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