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A Celebration of Love…in Vegas

This weekend was a full one for my husband and I, we flew out to Vegas for a friends wedding and had a great time. We ate good, slept in, shopped, partied, drank, and just had an absolute blast celebrating the newlyweds.

This trip reminded me that love is full of hills and valleys and there is literally no such thing as a perfect one. Placing two people together with two different outlooks on life, two different upbringings, two different styles of driving (yea, I said it) is risky but love is all anyone has to have in common, true genuine love.

I know that marriage is unpopular with some people, and I am not of the school of thought that everyone needs to get married, not at all. What I do believe is that when you know, you know, it comes easy and this does not mean that you guys won’t argue from time to time, but it won’t be world ending or life shattering. Maintaining a marriage is similar to maintaining a friendship. It takes honest communication, understanding, and patience. I am beyond blessed to be able to spend my life with my best friend and I am willing to work each day to make sure we continue to thrive.

I’d tell you more about our trip, but what happens in Vegas needs to stay in Vegas and NEVER come out.


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