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Stop Keeping Score

Yesterday my son had his big basketball final, and the team was on fire. The gym was so full of energy and all around happiness just to be playing the game. For those of you who don’t know, sports for kids (my son is 6) don’t usually include keeping score. They focus more on learning to play the game and having fun while doing so. While at BJ’s game yesterday I realized how this model directly correlates with my adult life. I have never been a huge fan of sports at all, which surely plays into the fact that I’m not super competitive, and I just want everyone around me to enjoy themselves. Win, lose, or draw.

As an adult, sheesh, as a human being I’ve made tons of mistakes, in being a parent, wife, friend, employee, CEO, writer…etc. I know that I am not perfect, but what I’ve learned is that it’s okay not to be perfect, its okay to make mistakes. I have learned to leave room for my mistakes while also leaving room for myself to learn from them. I’ve learned not to keep score because truly what would I be basing it off of? More than likely I’d be looking at what the people around me are doing and judging myself off of that. I’m not saying not to pull inspiration from other sources (I do that often), what I’m saying is don’t look at what someone else has, someone else’s “score” in life and beat yourself up about not having that. Whether its the perfect marriage, a fancy car, a gorgeous house, a banging body…I mean the list can go for days, but what I’ve realized is that what I have right now, in this moment, is EVERYTHING that I need.

What started as me going to support my son, ended as a lesson for me. BJ made 3 buckets! The scoreboard still read: 0-0. But BJ’s face said something else. Life is about setting your own goals, meeting them on your own time, and being proud of yourself. It isn’t about what “score” you have. How many more IG followers/likes you’re getting than the next person. How much more weight your job title carries than someone else’s might. How much bigger your house is than your neighbors. I mean, you guys get the drift right? Don’t worry about what someone else is doing, stop basing your life off of envious thoughts because you’ll get ALL these things you thought you needed to make you feel whole and then you’ll wake up one day still feeling empty. Live for yourself.



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