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Another Sunday, another new week, and another new month. My birthday and international women’s day are not only in the same month but they fall on the same exact day. My purpose is clear lol. That’s not what this is about but I figured it would be polite to put those of you who care on notice regarding my upcoming 34th year.

Moving on…

Last week my family and I all sat down to have dinner together (my favorite thing) and Riley suggested something called “High-low-buffalo”. She explained that each person is to talk about a high point in their day, a low point in their day, and finally the buffalo which is something that may have surprised or excited you about your day. As we went around the table and shared our thoughts about how our day went I felt that it was great to acknowledge that there will be days, sometimes a consecutive amount of days, when things don’t go quite as planned. We are actively living the majority of the day and to let one thing ruin an entire day seems as ridiculous as it sounds.

I have no idea why but for me something negative happening can ruin my entire mood. Which sucks because I KNOW better. On my scale the “high” seems to weigh as much as a brick and the “low” a feather. Notice how I said MY scale though. I am in complete control of how my day goes and how much acknowledgement I want to give my low. Do I want to walk around with a complete attitude or is it something I merely mention at dinner with my loved ones as a conversation piece?

Lately I’ve been into eco-systems. My family is an eco-system, we feed off of and support one another. Most importantly we learn from each other. As a parent, it’s scary to realize that the things you’re teaching your children aren’t really aligned with the things you’re doing. I’m thankful for this simple “high low buffalo” scenario as it tapped into something deeper on my end.

Long story short: Chill. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

Today’s high: Rileys last acrobatic competition, she’s pumped!

Today’s low: Cramps¡

Today’s buffalo: Rileys paternal grandpa came to see her compete. He lives in STL so it’s rare that we get to see him. (Pops is pictured above)

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