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Pescatarian, on the weekdays

Yep I’ve joined the masses (part time) and it didn’t take me watching one of those weird Netflix specials about how bad meat is for you. To be honest I never thought that I could commit to something like this or that I’d even want to, and I will also admit that since I started doing it I have completely fallen off of the wagon..once or twice (blame the awesome steak Brian cooked for me on my birthday). But, on the wagon or off, I have found that for me to really change my lifestyle when it comes to pretty much anything, I have to have a deep emotional connection. This makes sense because I completely live my life off of vibes so why would it change in my decision making or my commitment to things?

My sister, my best friend, was diagnosed with Crohn’s a couple of years ago. And after breakdowns at hospitals, constant prayer, journaling, crying until my head hurts, imagining life without her, and envying 24 year old’s that are managing to live normal lives. I decided to do more. I put in a little research and found that some of the flare ups can be controlled by what she puts in her body. So I decided, “hey lets change our diet”. Much easier said than done, as I mentioned before I’m on and off the wagon depending on the holiday. And the point of this post is not Crohns disease, (that isn’t my story to tell). It is simply about how emotional connections work. And how living intentionally changes things.

I have friends that are completely vegan. I’ve read articles about how horrible meat is for you, I’ve even had to deal with food poisoning on more than one occasion. And still I was a full fledged carnivore.  There was nothing you could tell me about meat because “everything in moderation”…right? But once my favorite young adult in the world was faced with this disease, it hit a lot closer to home for me.

We can say we won’t do a lot of things, we can downright REFUSE the idea of things, but until it comes to your doorstep you never really know what you’re capable of. This ranges from gun laws, all the way to abortion. Can anyone say for sure what they would do if put in the exact situation? Maybe some people can, but I’d like to keep my mind open to positive changes. Things I was completely sure of at 24 have obviously changed for me 10 years later, and they’ll probably change in another 10 years as well, I am open to that. I welcome it.


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