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The Canady’s “break” Easter

Easter has come and gone, and it was a wonderful wintry day. I’m not typically a planner (working on  that) but around a couple of weeks before Easter I go into “shopping” mode. We all have to be dressed nicely and we all have to be in a theme so that we look good as a unit. Those are my two criteria. Well this year I did my normal search…from Macy’s to TJMaxx and I came up with nothing. It wasn’t until the Wednesday before Easter that I had an “a-ha” moment. We don’t HAVE to dress up.

Easter, BKA  Resurrection Sunday, has never been about the dresses, suits, hats, shoes. It’s always been about the Son…He is Risen. I really don’t know where dressing up came from and I’m not knocking it at all, but this year I decided to get back to the bare bones of what it means to me and what I want it mean to my family. So this Easter we went the relaxed route, t-shirts and jeans. And…believe it or not we received just as much of a message + blessing as anyone else in the sanctuary.

It is important to know that God accepts us as we are, there is nothing that we can do today that is going to make him love us anymore or any less. Isn’t that comforting? That’s extremely comforting to me, and knowing that I live my life a little differently, I live my life less for the outside world and more for the Kingdom, and myself. It is fun to dress up, don’t get me wrong but when I felt like it was becoming stressful I decided to put it down, and there was certainly a weight lifted from my shoulders. I truly hope all of you had a great Easter and that you didn’t break the bank to keep up with tradition, and if you did consider taking the casual route next year!



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