Luke 15: 17-24

So as you guys can see, we’re blasting through Luke, but there are times during Bible Study where the spirit leads the class elsewhere. Last night’s gems were simple but so meaningful to my journey + what I’m experiencing now.

*Forgive yourself + allow yourself to be forgiven by others* I struggle with this a lot. There are times when I do something wrong (surprising, I know) and I cannot get over that hump of feeling bad about it.

*Learn to excuse your feelings in the moment, your feelings do not have to govern your actions* At this point in the conversation I should have just shut my Bible because there was my lesson right there. I am so emotional, in tune with my feelings. That not only do I feel everything deeply but I allow my mood to be altered according to how I feel.

Both of these points I am going to be INTENTIONAL about working on. It is a form of self care that I allow myself room for mistakes and that I do not have to let how I feel ruin my day. Thank God for clarity.


Luke 15:11-24

This is the parable of The Prodigal Son, which is familiar to me but last night during Bible study I got a deeper view of it. If you have not read this parable I suggest you do, it is a good one. I used to strictly think of this parable as an example of God’s love for us, this is still true for me but last night I took another view on it as well. How wonderful for this father to know that his son was going to squander his money, and STILL give it to him while also allowing him enough grace to come back home.

This action begs the question “why are we so quick to give ourselves grace and not others?”  Is it selfishness? Lack of understanding? Stubbornness? Or a combination of all three? We ALL fall short. We ALL get out into the world thinking we have everything together and sometimes, a lot of the time, things don’t go as planned, and we need a little help. We need to remember, as Christians, that everyone has a story, get to know someone before you look down on them or judge them. God welcomes us “home” each day no matter what we’ve done wrong. We need to be more forgiving of others. We owe that to ourselves and to one another. You don’t have to have it “all together” to come to God, as Christians we know that, but is that what we’re showing non believers? Or are we looking at them sideways because they come to church smelling like weed? Or in a short skirt? Or pregnant with no wedding ring on? Or dare I say it…gay? We need to check our egos at the door. We need to lead with love.


Luke 7:36-39

After reading these few verses I felt overcome with gratefulness. Imagine in today’s time, we’re all sinners (honestly not something you would have to imagine) however there are people that truly believe that their sin might not be as bad as the next persons sin so they carry themselves as if they’re better. That is what is happening in this passage. A lot of times we try to fool ourselves into believing that since we don’t smoke, drink, party, anymore then we’re better than someone who does. This is so far from the truth. Yes, we are better than WE were for not doing these things but we are not better than someone else.

*God made us all out of love.

*None of us were made out of lack.

*Don’t try to put people in boxes based on their past.

*Love forward.